Green infrastucture & strategic planning

It might sound a little nerdy, but we’re gaga for Stormwater communications. And boy are we are lucky: our hometown of Lancaster, PA, is one of the east coast’s leaders in Green Infrastructure and Stormwater management. Thanks to a visionary government, Lancaster looked into the future and made the right wager: that in order to strengthen the city’s aging infrastructure, keep our drinking water clean, help repair our waterways and save our municipality from federal fines, they needed to invest in a comprehensive Green Infrastructure Plan rather than rely on classic “grey infrastructure”.

Modern Art worked with LIVE Green (now the Lancaster County Conservancy’s Urban Greening program) and the City of Lancaster to develop a strategy to  persuade residents to help reduce over 750 million gallons of polluted water from flowing into the Conestoga River and eventually into the Chesapeake Bay. What emerged is the ground-breaking (literally!) Save It campaign. We developed the campaign’s name, slogan, logo and look, materials, infographics, brochures and website design. The Save-It! Logo is everywhere. (Go ahead. Take a look on that drain!)

After the success of the Save It Campaign, the Choose Clean Water Coalition reached out to Modern Art to research, write and design an extensive Stormwater communications toolkit. These toolkits became an educational resource in cities throughout the Chesapeake watershed. We developed stormwater campaigns for Charlottesville, Petersburg, and Harrisonburg VA, and Harrisburg, PA. We worked with each of these municipalities to come up with comprehensive strategies to communicate the benefits of investing in green infrastructure to their citizens.

Nerdy, maybe. But when your work helps create a cleaner, better world, boy is it worth it.


It was clear from our research that green infrastructure wasn’t just about pipes and roofs, its about community engagement, parks and restored waterways. It was about the world we live in and we live in that world together! So Modern Art had an idea. We advocated for Lancaster city’s Public Art board to invest in public art projects that addressed the stormwater issue, including an elegantly designed cistern at the Lancaster Brewing Company and Crystal Park, a solar-powered archway at the newly renovated Brandon Park, and the ReTHINK Litter Letter project.