We are so proud of our work with our favorite provider of healthy good things: Lemon Street Market. Humanely raised anything, non-GMO, Sustainable, fair-wage, good for humans – Lemon Street’s got you covered. Plus, owner Trish Haverstick thinks like we do. She loves Lancaster and our local economy and does everything she can to help build a better community.

Our work with Lemon Street has always been based on how we can communicate their mission of cultivating food, health and community not only through the design, but through the production and fabrication of all the materials we create.

When Trish came to us with a need for directional signs in the store, we suggested she look beyond typical vinyl signage. We envisioned and designed a series of hand-painted woods signs that were not only functional, but aligned with their desire to create long-lasting, locally-crafted, sustainable solutions.
Nature has its history and its design.

We continued pushing organic marketing ideas by proposing the idea of a Lemon Street Market Artbike. Modern Art collaborated with our local community bike shop, the Common Wheel, and students from the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design to concept and fabricate our first ArtBike LNC, the Lemonader. According to Trish “In the world we live in today, how effective would a TV or radio ad be? Its hard to feel like you’re reaching anyone. This is unique, it stands out… The whole process was about community..it just feels so great. I love it!”

This fall Trish introduced a Lemon Street Market t-shirt and we were thrilled to work with her again.