artbike lancaster

Modern Art and The Common Wheel will join forces with your business or organization and talented local art students to create an original ArtBike specific to your needs. The bikes can be used for deliveries, errands, joy-rides . . . the list is endless!

ArtBike Lancaster leverages our city’s best strengths—community collaboration, local businesses, and a commitment to the arts—to encourage biking. The City of Lancaster has stated its interest to bolster its bike infrastructure because it recognizes the advantages to embracing a bike-friendly community. Everyone benefits when more people use bikes! Aside from being just plain fun and healthy, it is also great for our community—reduced congestion downtown, an increase in local small business commerce, a considerable reduction in pollution, emissions and costs associated with automobile use means using your bike instead of your car is one of the best ways to positively impact your community.

By participating, your business/organization will be promoted in a creative, city-friendly way. The bike is a recognizable mobile advertisement that can be parked in front of your establishment or spotted on city streets. In addition to using the bike itself as a marketing tool, your organization will appear in publications and local media with our promotional packaging. Plus you will save money on gas. The bikes represent the creativity and innovation that abounds in our community.

Want an ArtBike Lancaster bike—for you, your business, or a cause you cherish? Interested in working with us to create these bikes? Contact Modern Art to talk about a commission or ways you can collaborate.

Photos of the Lemonader, an Artbike designed for Lemon Street Market.