Page Match 2017: Best Night Ever!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who came out, ready to rumble, to our first Annual PAGE MATCH!

Big Congratulations to our newset, Lit Champ of Lanc: MEG "Because I could not stop for death" DAY (omg we are all in AWE), runner up Kerry Sherin Wright "Sure Can!", Richard "Spicy Sauce" Richard Payne, Donna "The Truth Fairy" Talarico, Mike "the Metaphysical Meltdown" Stewart, Meghan "Em-Dash" Meghan Carlton Phillips, Denny Denny Danda, and the night's Wild Card ROSE!!

A big, huge, massive thank you to MC Matty Matthew Kabik, the kick-ass organizers Tyler Gof Barton and Erin Dorney, the wonderful Bri Rose for helping with the ring (and so much else) and everyone's hero Michelle Johnsen for these fabulous photos, for making the paper entrances, and for all your help WITH EVERYTHING.


Because bikes make kids happy

We love bikes. We love kids. We love our friends at The Common Wheel. So much that it was a pure pleasure to design a logo and banner for their annual Maryann Caldwell Holiday Bike Drive. 


We just couldn't wait for the VLD!

Friends, join us on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10 (changed from the 17th) to rock out with some of Modern Art's very favorite people and band: the Vivien Leigh Documentary. They will soon become your favorite people and band. 

Doors open at 7:30, music starts at 8. $5-10 pay whachu can!



Modern Art + The Mix = TLF

We like to think of ourselves as pretty wild, so when our friends from The Mix at Arbor Place (a wonderful youth mentoring program in Lancaster) asked us to put on a "Painting in the Wild" workshop, we got pretty excited. The combination of paint, the park, beautiful weather and amazing kids (plus having the super-talented Zach from Meridian Media film the whole thing) made for a perfect day. Check out this little tidbit of Zach's footage from the workshop.

Phonotel. You haven't seen the last of it.

Modern Art was transformed into the lobby of the Phonotel for the weekend of May 6th & 7th. Brave individuals became guests, checked their phones into one of the lovely furnished rooms, took their room keys & survival guides and lived device-free from one hour to the entire weekend. Highlights included concierge service by local political candidates, a guests-only happy hour on Saturday, a slightly disappointing continental breakfast and some limbering-up with Jenny. Many millions of thanks to all of our local partners. We can't wait to do it again. 

Learn more about Phonotel here.

The PHONOTEL Grand Opening

Located in beautiful downtown Lancaster, Penn, the Phonotel offers a unique chance to recharge your life. Reservations now being accepted for the weekend of May 5-6. 

Check your smart phone into one of our 60 beautiful rooms especially furnished for your treasured internet device. Use the technology-free time you have to explore the city, reconnect with nature, your friends, your community. 

Available in our Phonotel lobby, housed at Modern Art, we offer the “Friendliest concierge in town” and a variety of survival mechanisms (wooden dummy phones, maps, compasses, sketchbooks, postcards, instant cameras) available for phone owners to help you experience all the real world has to offer.

Reserve your device's room today!  (
Rooms are available to reserve for as short as 1 hour to as long as the whole weekend. 


Lenka Clayton Inspiration

Last week we took our bi-monthly field trip to Philly for a city look-see. We visited the fab FAM ( What a great time! We met our new bestie, Tracey in the gift shop, the infamous tour guide, Sam and had a surprise visit to The School of the Future (!!)
But by far our favorite bit from the FAM visit was an exhibition by Lenka Clayton, an artist who is currently part of their residency program. Her work,  An Artist Residency in Motherhood, is funny and wonderfully potent as she questions the choices an artist is forced to make if she is a mother. 

Below is a still from The Distance I Can Be From My Son.


Who run the world...?

Happy International Woman's Day from your friends at Modern Art!

Be part of A Day Without Women!


WOW! Check out this sweet tee. Modern Art has been working with our favorite community bike shop, The Common Wheel, on their new initiative: Women on Wheels (WOW). As two women who love getting on some wheels, we can't wait to rock it!

These shirts arrived just in time for The Common Wheel's first all-girls Earn-a-Bike,  a program provides Lancaster’s youth the opportunity to earn a bike they’ve built themselves.

Happy Valentines Day!

Our valentines gift to you, visitor, is this cute picture of perhaps Modern Art's youngest fan. Enjoy!

We've got some Tiny Modern Concerts coming your way in 2017...

12928235_797669317031067_4231436525167195612_nWe are truly thrilled to announce our Spring 2017 shows. I know, I know, you may have heard this from us before, but the performers that come here really shine. This spring we will have a band that got together at a church, hip-hoppy jazzy rhythms from Brooklyn, a band that just made a musical to go with their latest album, and a world renown filmmaker that sings weird and funny things. Can you hold in your excitement???Look over at our sidebar for dates >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

More details are on our events page.

Atmosphere Creation Station

fbbanner2 Modern Art presents the ATMOSPHERE CREATION STATION: a collection of beautiful objects from the 20th century and beyond including ceramics, hand-crafted furniture, glass, jewelry & fine art popping up in Modern Art one weekend only. Piloted by artist Christopher Ness with navigation by fellow artist, David Jones

Join us for a little party to bask in the created atmosphere on Saturday, December 17 from 4pm - 6pm. or pop in at any or all of the times below: Friday, December 16: 4pm - 8pm Saturday, December 17: 10am-6pm Sunday, December 18: 11am-5pm And be sure to come to the casual reception on Saturday, from 4pm-6pm.

Telltale Dress coming to Modern Art

telltale-dress JOIN US for a Telltale Dress Holiday Pop-Up featuring vintage fashion (for women & men!), vintage & antique home furnishings, body tonics, curious gifts & paper goods.

Friday, Dec. 2nd, 5pm-9pm Saturday, Dec. 3rd, 10am-5pm Sunday, Dec. 4th, 11am-4pm

Find fabulous gifts & perhaps a little something for yourself.

Lemon Street Market T-shirts!

lsmteeWe have designed Lemon Street Market's first t-shirt! Thanks to Steadfast Printing for doing an amazing job on these organic, fair-trade tees. We now have a great way to fashionably support Lancaster best source of local and sustainable goods! Now go out and get 'em! See more things we have designed for Lemon Street Market here.


rtt_screenshotrtt_bizcardsfront_finalWe recently worked on an identity project for a local Thai caterer / culinary take-out whiz goddess, Lhaow Frailey. Rim Taang Thai is a delicious expression of her homeland, the Isaan region of Thailand. For this project, we worked with Lhaow to create a logo and and photography story. See more of our identity projects here.