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PAGE MATCH is an on-the-spot writing tournament for fans of Wrestlemania, the Literary Death Match, and generative workshops. Eight writers will compete in three rounds of 10-minute freewrites (guided by a prompt from us), and the audience will vote on who moves forward. The idea here is that writers will flex their subconscious like a muscle and compete to be crowned Lit Champion of Lancaster. 

Meg "Because I Could Not Stop For Death" Day
Denny Denny Danda (Dennis Herbert)
Rich "Spicy Sauce" Payne
Em Dash Phillips (Meghan Phillips)
Kevin "The Written Word" Ressler
Mike “the Metaphysical Meltdown” Stewart
The Truth Fairy (Donna Talarico-Beerman
Kerry "Sure Can" Wright 

MC: Matty "Delete Key" Kabik

PAGE MATCH is a fundraiser for Lancaster's own Third Point Press, providing the organization with funding to continue publishing their online magazine and compensate the writers whose work is published there. The magazine is run by an all volunteer staff.

Earlier Event: November 10
Later Event: December 10
5th Annual SANDS HALL-iday Extravaganza!