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Word from Your Neighbor

Word from your Neighbor offers passers-by and neighbors a chance to send messages to their community through our window message board. Stop by our message station on the corner of West Chestnut and North Pine streets in Lancaster and record your thoughts.

Think of something you’d like your neighbor to know. About you. about your block. about how nice their smile is. Whatever feels important, silly, kind or thoughtful.

Grab an envelope and card from the black packet here, write that thought on the card and seal the envelope. Be sure to include your name, and contact info (email or address) if you’d like us to let you know if you’re words are chosen to display.

Drop that envelope through the mail slot over at Modern Art’s door (right behind you.) Keep an eye on Modern Art’s front window.

We’ll be broadcasting as many of the WORDS FROM OUR NEIGHBOR that we can throughout the summer.