Poetry Paths

Poetry Paths is one of Lancaster’s unique treasures: an innovative public arts program fostering new ways of seeing our city. Unexpected bursts of poetry scattered across the urban landscape, Poetry Paths forges connections in our community by bringing the force of art into everyday lives. The chance to work with an organization dedicated to art, poetry, community development and public education really turns our hearts aflutter.

Founder and visionary of Poetry Paths, Kerry Sherin Wright, came to Modern Art early in the project’s development. We helped develop an aesthetic vision, connect with their community partners, artists and poets, and develop marketing materials. Through a series of brainstorming and conceptual meetings, Modern Art helped synthesize Poetry Path’s mission, story, and developed a comprehensive media package for the project’s many community partners. We created two informational brochures, documenting the paths that visitors can follow to visit each of the twelve public art installations featuring poems by National Book Award winners, local writers, late great American Poets and students from the School district of Lancaster. 

In addition to poetry-inspired public art, Poetry Paths sponsors writing workshops for over 100 public elementary school children in Lancaster each year. We were honored to be able to highlight some of the beautiful work of these students through a colorful postcard series.