TAIT Towers of Lititz, PA is in a class of its own. All but impossible design infrastructure. Big bling. Big money. Big time Rock-n-Roll.

TAIT Towers is one of those companies that makes big things happen. Opening ceremonies at the Olympics. Stages for U2. Dinners with Skrillex. Hob-nobbing with titans of finance and commerce. Beyonce, Taylor, Usher and U2 all hanging in Amish Country.

Modern Art developed a strong visual identity for this expanding creative business: a style guide, business cards, mission cards, notecards, banners, sell sheets, newsletters and presentations.

It all started when the folks at TAIT casually asked us, “You’re designers, right? Wanna come in and talk to us about this little portfolio piece we do every year? It’s no big thing.”  What started as a small portfolio piece quickly turned into what we jokingly referred to as “the September Issue” of TAIT Towers: a 150+ page showcase of their capabilities, history, mission, portfolio, and culture including a classic “yearbook” highlighting each of their 200+ employees world wide. Modern Art worked closely with TAIT’s talented team, specialty paper suppliers and printers to create a unique and powerful promotional piece documenting their exceptional ability to make the impossible possible.