The haiku machine


Want to write a small form of Japanese poetry but feeling not so wordy or just plain lazy? Well we have solution for you. Our haiku machine is filled with lines to help you make a haiku in a snap. The top drawers are filled with 5 syllable phrases and the bottom with 7 syllable phrases. Pull away and you will randomly generate a haiku. We offer the one-of-a-kind service of typing your haiku for you as you make it on a fancy postcard for you to take home and do what you will.

Some examples of possible outcomes:

Tater tots loco
are you having an episode?

With your chubby cheeks
a quiet revolution
plopped in porcelin

Mystical visions
light falls on a street corner
you know what to do

Here are some more photos for your enjoyment and further understanding.

This past fall we had a Haiku Slam! We invited one and all to come in (as we frequently do) and share haikus. Originals and mechanically generated poems were shared. The audience voted winner went home with a trophy and a lot of tequila in his belly.