TRUTH OR DRAWER: An exploration of creativity, fear & risk

One fine fall weekend, Modern Art invited all visitors to play a new game called Truth or Drawer. The rules were as follows:
Truth or Drawer is a game for one player at a time. The player chooses between two options: Truth or Drawer. If the player picks Truth then s/he is led to a seat and the Truth is delivered to him/her. If the player picks Drawer then s/he is instructed to choose a drawer from our Aqua Cabinet of Mysteries. Each drawer contains an art dare. Whether the player chooses T or D, s/he has to follow though with his/her chosen option. The player will be rewarded with a prize after completing his/her Truth or Drawer.

Players who picked Truth sat on our couch and a person dressed in a gorilla suit walked out from another room towards the player and presented a tray of cards. Each card revealed a provocative, perceived truth about humanity. When read in the context of Modern Art, a jovial place, the somber messages usually surprised the reader. As a reward, the player is told that s/he may keep the card on his/her person with the recommendation of contemplating it from time to time. The players who chose to pull a drawer found messages such as:

Below are some stories from that day.

Jenny Picks Truth

Dog Dare

Some more sobering truths

Steve makes some deliveries

Cheryl creates & performs cat poetry

Poor Chris. Such a good sport.

Take a polaroid and hang it in the studio