The RETURN of the RETURN of ArtBike

IMG_5576 ArtBike is back, and do we have some wheels for you.  From 12-5pm on May 4-5, our fleet of Artbikes will be up and street-ready for the weekend. Come on over to Modern Art, grab an ArtWalk map, and take your favorite for a spin through the lovely streets of our lovely city. All you need is a smile. (And, preferably, to know how to ride a bike.)

We have about 10 bikes, in various heights, styles and working orders. We've got a few helmets, a pump, locks, and wigs if you need them.

Can’t wait to see you. (In the meantime, check out some of these pics from previous Artbike weekends:)

IMG_5553IMG_5558 IMG_5560IMG_5593 IMG_5600



An important letter from Modern Art Staff:

To Whom it May Concern: While you spin on your ArtBike through Lancaster's ArtWalk, perhaps you'd be willing to look out for some very important items gone missing from Modern Art? They are vital to our next project, which is in production as we write. A gracious, palpable,  colorful award to all who may find and return any of the lost items (you will know them when you see them).

Thank you for your consideration.




IMG_5612 IMG_5618 newmans tracy goshyarnnit IMG_5464megan