Ode to the Bookworm

It's been a mere three months since we bid adieu to our dear friend the Bookworm. And so here, a tribute: Complete with a basket full of compelling books (covering a variety of genres, and including some of our favorites: The Brothers Karamazov, Freedom, How to Talk to Your Dog, Advanced Thermodynamics and Fifty Shades of Gray), the  Bookworm is a fully-functioning mobile library. The advanced checkout system, powered by cutting-edge technology, allows you to check out a book by signing your name on a card attached to each book, then stamping it with the date on which you are asked to return.

After spending much time with the Bookworm, Modern Art decided it was time to set our fine friend free. We donated him to the Lancaster Public Library Art Auction in hopes that he would flourish and prosper with a new group of book lovers. We wish you well, big guy!

An ode to the Bookworm would not be complete without an Ode to two wonderful folks without whom the Bookworm would not be. To Brian Frailey, original namesake of the Bookworm, owner of our favorite bookstore Dogstar Books. Modern Art itself would not be if not for him (and the fact that he moved his store to a bigger location so we could move in to its old place.)

And to the amazing Steve Carlson who so generously lent...then donated....the amazing trike to Modern Art to transform for ArtBike. Thank you, Steve, your kindness will not be forgotten!



bookworm DSC_0038    wheel