doubledrawerdare Modern Art has been very busy preparing a new event for our dear friends during Lancaster's Fall ArtWalk:

Truth or Drawer. A risky game of art, excitement, and some other things.

Here's how it works:

You come visit  Modern Art on Saturday or Sunday, Oct 4/5 between 12-5.

You are confronted with a choice: Truth, or....DRAWER.

You decide...

...perhaps you pick Truth? You have chosen to sit yourself down on our truth couch and answer one of our probing truth questions. We record these answers for posterity. (And then use to create a stunning piece of artwork.)

..or dare you pick dare? Aha! You are bold! You have chosen to select a drawer from the card catalog which will direct you to complete one of our Modern Art dares. Perhaps you'll need to create something, act out something, eat something, drink something. Maybe do an errand for us. Maybe ask us to do an errand for you. Maybe have your portrait painted on the wall. You wont know until you pull that drawer.

Whichever you choose, you will be HANDSOMELY REWARDED!!! (And you will be handsome.)

Come play. We double dog drawer you.