Our Identities Unedited...on Wheels

IMG_9627 Lancaster Public Arts Manager, Tracy Beyl, and grammy-winning sound artist Stuart Hyatt grabbed a couple of Modern Artbikes recently for a tour of the City. In partnership with the Lancaster County Community Foundation's Our Identities Unedited project, and the Lancaster Bureau of Public Art, Stuart is creating a “sound map” of Lancaster.

Stuart will be spending hours traversing through areas of our county with an audio field recorder, microphone, and camera- talking to whomever he meets along the way. He'll be gathering stories, moments, music, contradictions  that will ultimately yield a more nuanced sense of place. The resulting sounds and images are being placed in interactive web-based map and gallery.  Hyatt will also use these field recordings to compose an album of original music in collaboration with regional musicians. The album of music will be packaged in a book documenting Hyatt’s explorations of the county.

We are so proud that our ArtBikes got to escort these two around, and can't wait for the grand finale.