We want your embarrassing stuff!



Remember that sappy love poem you wrote your first boyfriend? Those goth song lyrics you wrote about hating your parents? The painting you made of a sunset in middle school? We’ve all been there, baby!
Modern Art is looking for your embarrassing materials.
Think of any creative endeavor you're embarrassed to have ever made or been involved in. We want to use it as part of an on-going installation in our storefront:
Journal entries (high school, middle school, LiveJournal entries…)
Poetry or Stories
Sketchbook drawings
Notes/Love Letters
Songs (you’ve written or performed)
Or anything else you want to share
Items can be emailed to jo@itsmodernart.com or call (717) 824-5563 to arrange a drop off time at Modern Art (529 W. Chestnut Street, Lancaster City).
Join us on June 6th for the opening of this embarrassing exhibition, including a reading hosted by The Triangle and Modern Art. Performers are invited to sign up in advance to read/share their embarrassing item. Help us celebrate the creative histories we all have.
Note: You can participate in the exhibit, the reading, or both!
To learn more about this project, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/1707120269514717/  or call (717) 824-5563