Fixing Broken Windows: A project of our Creative Thinking Workshop

The magical, wonderful thinking that came out of our Creative Thinking Workshop far exceeded anything we'd ever thunk about. Our final project, "Fixing Broken Windows: A tour of creative interventions on the block" was on view for anyone who traversed the block on which Modern Art calls home. 

Inspired by the artist Lucy Lippard's questions for artists and activists: "What do you want to say", "Who do you want to say it to" and "How do you want to say it"; we followed a process of observation, research, empathy, brainstorming, prototyping and creation to come up with a plan to engage the folks in our neighborhood. The final project was on view on the 500 block of West Chestnut, with maps outlining each of the intervention installations. Plus, we did art stake outs (thanks to an art assignment from Deb Sokolow,) turned some of the sad, broken objects into new pieces of art, and took turns seeing the world from the eyes of a gorilla suit. 

It was a great week.