NEW DATE for Phonotel Workshop: April 1 (no foolin')

Hey everyone, due to all of the ups and downs of the past month, we’ve rescheduled Modern Art’s LANC PHONE HOME custom phone hotel making workshop to Monday, April 1.

Check it out:
Modeled on Modern Art's Phonotel workshop participants will create their own custom HOTEL for their PHONE, a space to disconnect from the internet & reconnect with the world. We’ve all gotten used to these small yet mighty screens, so it is quite useful to take a break and see what the tangible world around us has to offer. (Plus, these devices deserve some much needed time off from us humans.)

We'll have everything you need to make a hotel room for your device that is comfy, cozy and a perfect place to recharge. Use your satellite Phonotel at home to see how long you can go without looking at your screen and notice how much more relaxed you are! And how much more you get done! How much more of this crazy world you interact with! Or keep it in your bag or the car; bring it when you go to work, to meetings or out to eat with family and friends.

Maybe you'd like to make one for your special friend who keeps staring at their screen when you are trying to tell them about your day? Or that pesky teen who is snapchatting at the dinner table? You can do that too!

Participants can also paint their own wooden dummy phone for those trying times when you feel the need to hold something in your pocket or close to your face, but your phone is still on its luxurious vacation at the Phonotel.

Check it out here.