Lemon Street Market

We are so proud of our work with our favorite provider of healthy good things: Lemon Street Market. Humanely raised anything, non-GMO, Sustainable, fair-wage, good for humans – Lemon Street’s got you covered. Plus, owner Trish Haverstick thinks like us. She loves Lancaster and our local economy and does everything she can to help build a better community. Our work with Lemon Street started with designing counter signs, menus and shelf-talkers (yes, that is an actual retail term). And one of our proudest bits of marketing was creating a Lemon Street Market Artbike for the store. We collaborated with Trish, Chris and Jason from the Common Wheel and students from PCA+D. Learn more about that project here.

Below are some photos of our ongoing design work for Lemon Street Market. lemonst-1 lemonst-9 lemonst-10 lemonst-15 lemonst-16 lemonst-17 lemonst-18 lemonst-23 lemonstbike-4 lemonstbike-8 lemonstbike-12 lemonstbike-17