Photo by Code, Growing Tree Photography


 Through slightly disarming, curious, and unconventional surprises, we use creativity and quirky design thinking to provide an entry point into positive change making. Our interactive projects, workshops, events and machines challenge complex systems of thought. The results provide participants an invitation and the means to live better, collectively, in our communities. 


Libby Modern

Libby has been working as an artist and a designer for many years. After graduating from Princeton University, Libby studied design and art direction at the Creative Circus in Atlanta, GA. She cut her teeth in the design world of San Francisco, then co-founded Half-Full, an award-winning design studio dedicated to providing creative communications strategies for non-profits. After 15 years of working with clients such as Greenpeace, The Jane Goodall Institute, and Defenders of Wildlife, all while painting on the side, Libby mixed them up, combined them and founded Modern Art. And that’s where she is now.

Get in touch with her here.


Partners and Collaborators:
Joanna Davis Seedorf

Jo was Modern Art's wonderful co-collaborator from 2012-2017. She is a contemporary artist who works mainly with space specific projects. As an alternative to the gallery model, she seeks to answer the question: how do we make art more accessible to all people so that it can provide respite from societal impositions, provoke different perspectives and give voice to the unheard? She uses traditional drawing and painting media as well as construction materials and digital tools. Check out her work here.

Series 42
Fritz and Scott from Series 42 create unique musical experiences by partnering with an assortment of venues and partners to bring live original music to Lancaster and the Central PA region. We are pretty dang lucky that they like having concerts at our messy studio.