Modern Worker: (insert profession here) in Residence

Modern Worker in residence BREAKING NEWS!!! The "Modern Worker (insert profession here) In Residence" has just been announced. And we are so pleased that the inaugural Modern Worker will be the talented Erin Dorney, Writer, and co-founder of The Triangle.

Erin will be in residence at our studio for the week of January 19, 2015. She'll be working on her manuscript of erasure poems sourced from Shia LaBeouf (yup, Shia) media interviews. Two of these poems have been published in the Silver Birch Press Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series and five more are forthcoming from Hobart this February.

It is very important to provide the proper productive environment for Ms. Dorney. So we need your help. Please raid your People magazine, your US Weekly, your Paris Review for any and all photos of Mr. LaBeouf that you can find so that we may cover her cubicle with them. Send them to Modern Art, 529 W. Chestnut St., Lancaster, PA 17603 asap. Your efforts will be acknowledged gratefully-- in print and over coffee as we talk about how awesome you are.

Modern Art will be open throughout the week of Erin's residency, so please stop in and see our very first Modern Worker  (insert profession here) in Residence at work! You can watch her write, ask her questions, and learn all about career trajectories of former Disney child actors.

For those of you modern workers who are interested in making the residency a "Your profession here"-in -Residence: Please send a letter of interest, briefly describing your work and how you think the residency will benefit you to Please note, we are open to all (legal) professions.