Dared By A Drawer!

Here is our latest installment of Dared By A Drawer! It is when we share with you a heartwarming story from one of our favorite projects, Truth or Drawer. Below is the story of Cheryl's art dare. fall_art_walk_2014-104 Cheryl selects a drawer. fall_art_walk_2014-105 The dare is "Find the book titled: 'Ready to Use Old-Fashioned Animal Cuts.' Turn to page7. Find the solo cat head. Write a poem about this lovely sweet cat head. Leave the poem in this drawer." fall_art_walk_2014-107 Cheryl finds the lovely sweet cat head. fall_art_walk_2014-106 Can you find it? fall_art_walk_2014-108 Cheryl composes her poem. fall_art_walk_2014-110 Cheryl tries to keep it together while reading her poem to a small group of onlookers (onlisteners?) fall_art_walk_2014-111 Cheryl graciously receives applause. fall_art_walk_2014-112 She is presented with a special trophy, fall_art_walk_2014-137 a cat-head trophy.