Dared by a Drawer: Lucy and Chris

Winter got you down?Well then what better to warm you up than this sweet story of a couple drawer dares by one of our favorite couples. Here goes....


Chris and Lucy contemplate the choice: TRUTH or DRAWER?


Lucy's not afraid. She dares to pick DRAWER. But...which drawer will she pick?



Finally she decides. We are at the edge of our seats. What must she do???


Put on the Purple wig. Perform and (sic) act of kindness. Can she complete this daring dare?


It appears she can! But to whom will she deliver the act of kindness?


What!!? A sweet, kind hug for our very own Jo?!?! Now that's daring, kind (and pretty damn cute.)


Right back atcha, Lucy.


Lucy receives her well-earned and fitting award: a poster of the Pretty Lady.


And now it's Chris' turn. Can he top his fiancee's superb drawer dare performance?


It appears he's gonna try: Chris selects his drawer.


Oh my. It reads:

"Find a National Geographic Magazine. Find a picture that speaks to you. Cut it out, crumble it up, put it in your mouth and chew. chew. chew. chew. chew."


He's located the magazine. (Good job, Chris.)


He's found a picture that speaks to him. A lovely waterfall.


Looks like he's tearing it out! Oh man....is he gonna do this??


And now he's crumpling! This is getting exciting!


He puts it in his mouth. But will he chew?


Oh yes he will! He will chew, chew, chew.


and chew.


Congratulations, Chris. You earned your trophy.


Display it with pride.

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Dared By A Drawer!

Here is our latest installment of Dared By A Drawer! It is when we share with you a heartwarming story from one of our favorite projects, Truth or Drawer. Below is the story of Cheryl's art dare. fall_art_walk_2014-104 Cheryl selects a drawer. fall_art_walk_2014-105 The dare is "Find the book titled: 'Ready to Use Old-Fashioned Animal Cuts.' Turn to page7. Find the solo cat head. Write a poem about this lovely sweet cat head. Leave the poem in this drawer." fall_art_walk_2014-107 Cheryl finds the lovely sweet cat head. fall_art_walk_2014-106 Can you find it? fall_art_walk_2014-108 Cheryl composes her poem. fall_art_walk_2014-110 Cheryl tries to keep it together while reading her poem to a small group of onlookers (onlisteners?) fall_art_walk_2014-111 Cheryl graciously receives applause. fall_art_walk_2014-112 She is presented with a special trophy, fall_art_walk_2014-137 a cat-head trophy.

Truth Delivery

What better day than today to share with you a story from our Truth or Drawer folder. Please follow along below.fall_art_walk_2014-77 Jo explains to Evan & Jenny the premise and rules of Truth or Drawer: T/D is a game for one player at a time. The player chooses between two options: Truth or Drawer. If the player picks Truth then s/he is led to a seat and the Truth is delivered to him/her. If the player picks Drawer then s/he is instructed to choose a drawer from our Aqua Cabinet of Mysteries. Each drawer contains an art dare. Whether the player chooses T or D, s/he has to follow though with his/her chosen option. The player will be rewarded with a prize after completing his/her Truth or Drawer. fall_art_walk_2014-78 They find these rules funny. Jo is pleased. fall_art_walk_2014-79 copy After choosing to have a truth delivered to her, Jenny is surprised by what she sees. fall_art_walk_2014-117 She sees a gorilla coming towards her. fall_art_walk_2014-84 The gorilla is holding a tray of truths that have been lovingly attached to the backs of vintage postcards. Jenny selects one. The gorilla is pleased. fall_art_walk_2014-85 copy Jenny reads the truth. fall_art_walk_2014-86 fall_art_walk_2014-88 Jenny holds her truth. Pleased?

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Dared By A Drawer

We'd like to share with you another heart warming story taken from our Truth or Drawer files. A young man and his family stopped in to play. Below are pictures of his experience.Read more about Truth or Drawer here. DRAWERPULL2fall_art_walk_2014-31

DRAWERPULL2fall_art_walk_2014-11 DRAWERPULL2fall_art_walk_2014-33 DrawerPull2FALL_ART_WALK_2014-75 You may not be able to see him barking (or maybe you can), but let us assure you, he did bark and it was funny.