Truth Delivery

What better day than today to share with you a story from our Truth or Drawer folder. Please follow along below.fall_art_walk_2014-77 Jo explains to Evan & Jenny the premise and rules of Truth or Drawer: T/D is a game for one player at a time. The player chooses between two options: Truth or Drawer. If the player picks Truth then s/he is led to a seat and the Truth is delivered to him/her. If the player picks Drawer then s/he is instructed to choose a drawer from our Aqua Cabinet of Mysteries. Each drawer contains an art dare. Whether the player chooses T or D, s/he has to follow though with his/her chosen option. The player will be rewarded with a prize after completing his/her Truth or Drawer. fall_art_walk_2014-78 They find these rules funny. Jo is pleased. fall_art_walk_2014-79 copy After choosing to have a truth delivered to her, Jenny is surprised by what she sees. fall_art_walk_2014-117 She sees a gorilla coming towards her. fall_art_walk_2014-84 The gorilla is holding a tray of truths that have been lovingly attached to the backs of vintage postcards. Jenny selects one. The gorilla is pleased. fall_art_walk_2014-85 copy Jenny reads the truth. fall_art_walk_2014-86 fall_art_walk_2014-88 Jenny holds her truth. Pleased?

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