FRIDAY THE 13th: Photos, Flowers and a Space Machine Found on the Moon

michelle Join us this Friday, February 13th, from 6-9pm to experience two amazingly beautiful things plus one very mysterious lunar thing.

The fantastically talented and all around stellar human being, Michelle Johnson, will be showing her photographs here at Modern Art. Coupled with flowers for sale by our favorite florist, Susannah Smith, you'll be surrounded by wonderful work created by wonderful people. There will also be potent aphrodisiacs, delicious morsels of hand-crafted snacks, live music, perhaps some dancing,  and plenty of interesting people with whom you may engage in exciting conversations.

And we are very excited to unveil the mysterious SPACE MACHINE FOUND ON THE MOON that mysteriously arrived on our doorstep recently. We think you will be as pleased as we are with what it can do.

See you on Friday!