We make hand-painted signs.

IMG_2658Well, you may know that we make hand-painted signs, but did you know that we make hand-painted signs with hand-painted portraits painted on them? Here at Modern Art everything is possible (on a hand-painted sign). These are some new additions that will soon grace the walls of The Common Wheel's pump house. IMG_2660

Today in the Studio

Today in the STudio_June14Summer is here and it is damn fine! Today inside the doors of Modern Art we are working on some new signs for The Common Wheel. Can an artist ask for anything better to call work? Well of course she can, but why? Get out outside today and revel in your short-sleeved self.

Signs! Signs! Everywhere a sign!

DrumSoloOne of the many services that we offer, here, at Modern Art is custom signery. That is a word that I just made up. It means sign making. Sure, we design our fair share of signs that get printed elsewhere. But our hears lie with the old fashioned hand-painted ones. We make all sorts of them. Some say things, just to say things. People also hire us to make signs that say things with more designation.

More examples right this way→